Christmas Bounty of Hope: Spreading Joy and Giving Back in Shepherdsville

As the festive season approaches, Mayor Cubero, in collaboration with St. Aloysius Catholic Church, is once again organizing the heartwarming event, “Christmas Bounty of Hope.” While not an official city event, it reflects the spirit of community and generosity that defines Shepherdsville.

The essence of Christmas lies in giving, and this event embodies that sentiment. If you or someone you know is in need of a Christmas meal, Mayor Cubero invites you to reserve a spot by December 21st, 2023. Simply call him directly at 502-727-9903.

On Christmas Day, head over to St. Aloysius Catholic Church at 187 S. Plum Street, Shepherdsville. The pickup for these special Christmas meals will be from 10:00 am to noon in the church basement.

Let’s come together to make this festive season brighter for everyone in our community. Your participation, whether in reserving a meal or volunteering, contributes to the warmth and compassion that defines Shepherdsville during the holidays.

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