Plan Review

Required Application Documents

When submitting your development plans, please include the following applications:

Plan Submittal Application

This application provides us with essential details about your proposed project and helps us understand its scope and purpose.

Download Plan Submittal Application

Site Plan Review Checklist

The checklist assists in verifying that your plan includes all necessary components for a comprehensive review.

Download Site Plan Review Checklist

Sewer Capacity Request Form

For projects involving sewage systems, this form ensures that we can adequately assess and allocate sewer capacity.

Download Sewer Capacity Request Form

By submitting these documents, you help us ensure a thorough and efficient review process, expediting the assessment of your proposed development.

Encroachment Permit Application

Should your development project approach or connect to a City street or road, it’s imperative to submit an Encroachment Permit Application to the City Engineer. This ensures that the proposed connections align with our infrastructure and safety requirements.

We understand that each development plan is unique, and our goal is to facilitate a streamlined and collaborative process. By adhering to these guidelines and providing the requested documents, you contribute to the efficient review of your proposed project.

Download Encroachment Application

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