Welcome to the Shepherdsville Fire Department – a dedicated team of professionals committed to safeguarding our community and ensuring the utmost safety of our residents. Led by Fire Chief Jon L. Troutman, our department is comprised of individuals who embody the values of courage, dedication, and selflessness. Together, we stand ready to respond to any emergency, providing swift and effective assistance in times of need.

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Meet our Leadership

Jon L. Troutman, Fire Chief

With a wealth of experience in firefighting and emergency management, Chief Troutman leads our department with a steadfast focus on innovation and community partnership. His visionary leadership sets the tone for our team’s dedication to excellence.

Daniel Pruitt, Assistant Chief (C2)

Assistant Chief Daniel Pruitt (C2) brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. His strategic insights and operational acumen play a pivotal role in our department’s seamless coordination and efficient execution of firefighting and rescue operations.

Todd Bivens, Assistant Chief (C3)

Assistant Chief Todd Bivens (C3) is a seasoned professional known for his exceptional problem-solving skills. His ability to navigate complex situations ensures that our team operates with precision and adaptability, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Justin Newton, Assistant Chief (C4)

Assistant Chief Justin Newton (C4) is a driving force behind our department’s continuous improvement. His commitment to training and professional development empowers our firefighters to stay at the forefront of industry advancements, equipping them with the skills needed to provide top-tier emergency services.

Theodore Calvert, Fire Marshal/ Major (C5)

In the critical role of Fire Marshal/Major, Theodore Calvert (C5) oversees fire prevention and safety initiatives. His dedication to fire education and awareness ensures that our community remains informed and well-prepared to prevent emergencies before they arise.

Our Operational Strength

Our fire department operates with a team of 24/48 full-time staff members who are meticulously assigned to two Engine Companies and one Truck Company. This strategic distribution of personnel and resources enhances our capacity to respond swiftly to a wide range of emergencies, from structural fires to hazardous material incidents. In addition to our engine and truck companies, a dedicated on-duty Command unit consisting of experienced professionals ensures seamless coordination and effective management of emergency scenes.

At the Shepherdsville Fire Department, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to serving the City of Shepherdsville and its residents. Whether it’s responding to emergencies, conducting community outreach, or enhancing our skills through rigorous training, we stand united in our mission to protect lives, property, and the well-being of our community.

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