Discharging to Sewers

Maintaining the integrity of our wastewater collection system and safeguarding the environment are paramount priorities at the Shepherdsville Sanitary Sewer Department. To ensure the efficiency and functionality of our system and prevent environmental contamination, certain practices are strictly prohibited. We appreciate your cooperation in upholding these regulations for the benefit of our community.

graphic showing the discharge to sewers

Prohibited Discharges

The discharging of any groundwater, surface, or subsurface drainage into the wastewater collection system is strictly prohibited. This includes the connection of sump pumps and roof drains to the wastewater collection system. These measures are in place to prevent overwhelming our system and ensure that only appropriate materials enter our pipes.

Gutter Downspout and Sump Pump Connections

As part of our commitment to maintaining a robust wastewater collection system, the connection of gutter downspouts and sump pumps to the system is not allowed. These practices help prevent unnecessary strain on our infrastructure and maintain the efficiency of our wastewater disposal process.

Preventing Pipe Blockage and Damage

Dumping materials into the wastewater collection system that could obstruct or damage pipes is also strictly prohibited. This includes materials like glass, metal, soil, sand, wipes, diapers, plastic, rags, sanitary napkins, and clothes. Such materials can lead to blockages and disruptions that may compromise the effectiveness of our system.

Protecting Our Waterbodies

It’s essential to protect our waterbodies from pollution. It is against the law to discharge any polluted water, including wastewater, into the City’s storm sewers or other natural waterbodies. This regulation is designed to preserve the quality of our natural water resources and maintain the health of our ecosystem.

City Ordinances and Sewer Use Regulations

These prohibitions are in accordance with city ordinances and our Sewer Use Ordinance. For detailed information, please refer to the appropriate sections of the ordinances, which can be found [here](insert link to ordinance section).

A Shared Responsibility

Maintaining the integrity of our wastewater collection system and protecting the environment requires the collective efforts of our community. By adhering to these regulations, you play a crucial role in preserving the functionality of our system, the cleanliness of our waterbodies, and the overall well-being of Shepherdsville.

Thank you for your commitment to responsible wastewater practices. Your cooperation helps ensure a sustainable and thriving community for generations to come.

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