Industrial Users

At the Shepherdsville Sanitary Sewer Department, we uphold high standards of wastewater management to safeguard our community and environment. If you are an industrial user, certain regulations and procedures apply to ensure the proper discharge of wastewater into our system. We appreciate your commitment to responsible practices and offer the following information to guide you through the process.

Industrial User Wastewater Permit Application

All industrial users are required to submit an Industrial User Wastewater Permit Application before connecting to our wastewater collection system. This application is a crucial step in ensuring that your wastewater discharges comply with our standards and regulations. Our dedicated team, led by the City Engineer, will carefully review your application to assess its alignment with our requirements.

It’s important to note that the permit must be approved and issued before any connection is made to the wastewater collection system.

Download Industrial User Wastewater Permit Application

Reviewing the Sewer Use Ordinance

As a prospective industrial user, we encourage you to review the applicable sections of our Sewer Use Ordinance. This ordinance outlines the rules and regulations governing wastewater discharge into our system.

Download Sewer Use Ordinance

Collaborative Approach to Compliance

We believe that responsible wastewater management is a collaborative effort between the Sanitary Sewer Department and our industrial partners. By adhering to the permit application process and reviewing the Sewer Use Ordinance, you contribute to the protection of our infrastructure and the preservation of our environment.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions, require clarifications, or need assistance with the permit application process, our team is here to help. Feel free to reach out to our City Engineer or our dedicated staff. We are committed to providing the guidance you need to ensure a smooth and compliant wastewater discharge process.

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